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Thursday, March 08, 2007


I have a pattern in the March 07 Magknits!

I am terribly proud, and have already texted my Mum, and bored everyone at work silly. Welcome to anyone who has found the blog through Magknits, and if you do knit up the bracelet I'd love to see a picture.

This week has been a week of washing, yet another load is in the machine as I type. We spent last weekend in Glastonbury for Majma (a weekend of Middle Eastern and North African dance), great fun but exhausting. I am now frantically packing for Skip North (a knitting weekend in Bradford), for which I will be setting off obscenely early in the morning in an effort to miss some of the worst of the traffic on the M25 (London orbital ring road for anyone lucky enough not to have encountered it).

The difficult decision of the packing is of course what knitting to bring and what knitted garments to wear :-) My knitting for this weekend will be socks since then I can still chat and don't have to keep consulting a pattern. Also they are nice and small and easy to take on our coach trips. The Socks that Rock yarn is just delicious to knit with and I love the colours.


Kat, Posh Yarn don't do an exact DK equivalent of the merino and cashmere 4ply yarn I used. They do have several other DK weights though, you can see their yarns at their yarn info page, and they can dye any of the yarns up in any of their colours (I can't seem to find the colours page at the moment). They also have a sale of one off special dyed yarn every sunday.

Fiona, I am going with your idea of a fairly plain sock for the multicoloured Socks that Rock yarn, a ribbed leg and stocking stitch foot. The yarn is knitting up very nicely.

Thanks Dawn for the info on the Forest Path Stole, yours is looking great so far and nice to hear that the lace weight from Colour Mart is as nice as the fingering weight. I love your Persian Poppies too.

Mokihana your Fire on the Mountain socks look great! They are making different patterns to mine since I am doing a 3 x 1 rib on the legs, I haven't got to the stocking stitch foot yet. I'll hopefully get some pictures up next week.

Hope I haven't forgotten anyone in the comments, better go and check on the washing now. See you again next week.


Thursday, March 01, 2007

Cashmere Socks

Just a quick post with some more finished socks.

I'm afraid another rather dark picture, taken indoors in the depths of winter. These were made from fingering weight 100% cashmere from Colour Mart . I'm afraid I can't remember what the colour was called, but it is 3 strands, one of dark red, one dark green and one navy twisted together. It makes a very nice mottled kind of effect when knitted up. The knitted fabric is beautifully soft although it does have a tendancy to stretch and then not spring back - a feature with cashmere. I think this yarn would make a fantastic drapey shawl, its just a question of deciding on the pattern ...