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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Debbie Abrahams workshop

On 2nd of June I went to a finishing workshop with Debbie Abrahams at Stash Yarns in Putney. Debbie used a sweater for a teddy as a demonstration which was a really good idea, since it enabled us to try out a wide variety of techniques in a relatively short time. For our homework we knitted up the separate pieces of the sweater, and then assembled them and worked the neckline in the class.

It was a fun class and very useful, and I had a great time meeting Debbie and the other class participants. I have come away with some nifty ideas for picking up stitches around necklines without getting lumps and holes - although I think I do need to do a bit more practice! I think I am still with Lucy Neatby though on mattress stitch (she likes to go under one bar each time rather than two, although I think it depends a lot on the thickness and texture of yarn you are working with).

I managed to get the neckline and one of the side seams done in the class but it then took me absolutely ages to get round to sewing the other side seam. Then it rained lots and I failed to get round to taking any pictures. Finally here it is finished! The yarn is Jaeger matchmaker merino.

I am disappointed to hear that Jaeger is being discontinued, but there are some very nice Debbie Bliss yarns around at the moment. This is my Rialto swatch:

And this is the colour I am going to make my cardigan in:

The yarn is DK weight 100% merino and is lovely to knit with and wonderfully soft. I am looking forward to getting started.



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