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Friday, August 03, 2007

Fluffy scarf

I am still knitting here! I finished this scarf last week, just in time to hand to my mum when they were visiting (Mother, if you are reading look away now). It isn't her birthday for another week but I wanted to be able to hand it over when we saw them.

It is a pretty basic sideways knitted garter stitch scarf with self fringe. The yarn is Drops Symphony, 65% merino, 35% polyamide, and feels incredibly soft. It was in the summer sale at the InterKnit Cafe in Farnham and I couldn't resist. I hope she likes the colour.

I am also doing the happy dance here because not only is it lovely and sunny today, but also our car has come back from being mended (someone drove into the back of P as he was coming home from work about 3 weeks ago - luckily he was fine just rather shaken, but the car was rather squashed). We also now have a working phone line! (the electricity company dug through our phone cable just over a month ago, but luckily they managed to miss the broadband). So a very good day is being had here - I hope you are all having such a great day too.



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