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Saturday, January 28, 2006

More Olympic Knitting

CatsEye has made a team GB Olympic Knitting button in two sizes! I am really spoiled for choice now.

I finally sat down with the calculator this afternoon and did a swatch for the patchwork jumper:

I'm very pleased with it, I think the needle size is right and I like the colours together, and I think it is about the right size. I am planning to wash it before I get too carried away since I want to make sure it wont shrink in the wash. I am feeling very virtuous now, since I think that is pretty much all my training done and I still have time to spare before the start date! I still haven't totally worked out how I am going to increase for the sleeves yet though, or worked out the joining of the sleeves to the body, I am hoping that these little details will either come to me in a dream or will make themselves obvious once the knitting has started - one can hope!

The finishing up of other bits and pieces is going quite well too. The car went in for its service on Friday so I had about 3 hours sitting around in the garage knitting. I will take some photos soon.


  • At 5:19 pm, Blogger Tracy said…

    I shall be cheering you on from the sidelines, I'm the one with a big smile on her face, knitting resting in her lap, mug of tea in her hand and remote control in the other. It's all that downhill skiing that gets me. I get so excited I'd end up with a needle in a precarious position!


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