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Saturday, December 17, 2005


Long time, very little knitting. I have now finally wrapped all the presents I can so far (3 are still winging their way from Amazon as I write) and have written most of the Christmas cards. I still haven't got the Christmas decorations out of the loft but you can't have everything! I think the trip to the loft is a nice little job for this afternoon.

Some knitting has been done around here and I finally bring you the two pairs of socks I knitted as Christmas presents.

They are both knitted from 4ply Alpaca from Texere, although oddly the plum tweed colour I used for Mummy's socks is thinner yarn than the cornflower blue I used for Annie's - it isn't thinner by much though.
So first, socks for Mummy:

And these are socks for Annie:

They look a little odd not on feet but I'm afraid I don't have any sock blockers to photograph them on and they are smaller than my feet.

The alpaca is lovely to knit with and I hope they will be nice warm socks. I have bought some of the same yarn for myself in a bright purple which I will try out soon. I was slightly concerned about the inelastic-ness of alpaca but hopefully with a ribbed leg they shouldn't fall down too much. They are all wrapped up now and in the box of stuff to go to Annie's house.

I am hoping things will calm down here a bit now and I can get on with a bit of knitting! I have played in 4 Christmas concerts in the last two weeks with Barnes Concert Band, two of them were outdoors and I had a brainwave that I could knit myself fingerless gloves that would allow me to play without freezing my hands off. Unfortunately as is often the way with these things my brainwave came a little late in the day and I had managed little more than a wrist warmed by the first concert. For the concert last Wednesday though I had knitted one glove so at least my left hand was warm. So if anyone was at the concert on Wednesday at the London Wetland Centre I was the trombonist wearing one lurid turquoise knitted glove. I'll post pictures soon. You never know I may even knit the other one soon even though the deadline has now passed.


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