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Friday, October 21, 2005

Excuse me while I psychoanalyse myself

Well I haven't blogged for a couple of weeks, and after having a think about it this seems to be the reason: I had promised a picture of the finished Shapely Tee and still haven't managed to take one. So I have been thinking of loads of things that I wanted to blog about but for some reason have felt that I couldn't post them until I had a picture of the Shapely Tee, which is rather daft really. I have decided that I am not going to let that worry me now, so I'm afraid I shall go back to wittering, and hopefully a picture will appear soon, when the alignment of the planets is favourable (otherwise known as finding a time when I am wearing the Tee, my personal photographer (also known as husband) is available and it isn't raining). I think I have been trying too hard to get my posts in some kind of coherent order (if not entirely succeeding), please bear with me while I now disregard order entirely and ramble on. So from now on, when I promise a picture of a finished object it will appear, just not necessarily right away.

Anyway, now that the existential angst is out of the way, on with the knitting. I have started Mummy's Christmas present, (if you are Mummy please look away now) it is going to be a pair of alpaca socks to combat the cold feet. I have just passed the heel on the first sock, after having done the heel three times during a conference on Euclid the weekend before last. Pictures of sock in progress will follow soon (don't hold your breath).

Back to what seems like endless hemming of a piece of chiffon. It keeps getting chewed up when I try and sew it on the machine so I am doing this by hand, only one more seam to go, but I need it for the workshop I have booked at the Fantasia tomorrow. Why do I always leave these things to the last minute?


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