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Saturday, October 01, 2005

My first meme

Well Tari has just tagged me, so I will now bore you all to death with more information than you could possibly ever want to know about me.

Ten years ago:

10 years ago I was 18 and just starting university. It was great, I met loads of lovely people I am still friends with, and found my course really interesting though difficult. I made the mistake of not taking my knitting with me the first term, being worried that my room would be too small for all my stuff and I wouldn't have time. I quickly corrected that after Christmas and my knitting became an integral part of my room and evenings in. If anyone is interested I went to university here.

Five years ago:

5 years ago I had just left university, we had just moved into our first house (where we still are, with the amount of stuff both of us hoard moving would be a nightmare!), and I had just started my first proper job with Enron (and the less said about that the better!).

One year ago:

We had recently got married, and I was still feeling suitably smug about the knitted wedding dress. I really am going to get round to making a matching cardigan for it, any century now.

Five yummy things:

Hard to pick just five! I think I would go for (in no apparent order, and certainly not together)

  • Chocolate blancmange - always reminds me of my maternal grandparents, as part of going to visit them was the ritual of always having bread and butter, and ham with lettuce and tomato for tea, followed by chocolate blancmange. Then we would all sit down in the lounge with our cups of sweet tea and our knitting (well not my Dad or my Grandad but never mind).
  • Chinese - I love Chinese food, we had it for our wedding reception.
  • Tea and a biscuit - ideally Twinings Rose Pouchong (or whatever it has been re-branded as) and something like a digestive biscuit, I'm actually not that bothered about chocolate biscuits.
  • Chocolate fudge (my Mum's recipe) - this doesn't really have the texture of fudge but is incredibly addictive.
  • Dried apricots - I love them, and have to buy them in small packets to stop me eating oodles all in one go.

Five songs I know by heart:

Due to the rather obsessive personality, rather than knowing lots of songs a bit I tend to find I get hold of a CD and play it again and again until I pretty much know all the words, so there are rather a lot of songs I know by heart. Also I'm afraid my taste in music could be politely termed as eclectic and I really have no clue about anything at all recent. So I shall go for songs which particularly mean something to me.

  • Rutter's Requiem - I love this, there is so much to it, I sang it in my school choir and again twice at university. In a similar vein I also love Ubi Caritas (can't remember the composer), Bruckner's Ave Maria (I think that is the right one, the one which starts with just the sopranos and altos), and Locus Iste (the tune from the beginning of Mr Bean).
  • Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen and American Pie by Don McClean - I have listed these together because they were on our kitchen tape when I was in my 3rd and 4th years of university. We had the lyrics blu-tacked to the kitchen cupboards and many a happy hour was spent singing along with the tape while cooking, and then arguing that we had heard the words wrong. Note this is the original American Pie not the Madonna travesty which I loathe with every fibre of my being - I had to walk out of BHS on Wednesday because they played it
  • Just about anything by the Eagles - I had a big Eagles phase at school and still like lots of their music. I don't think I have a favourite song, although I do remember thinking it a great achievement to be able to play the intro to Hotel California on the piano.
  • Lola by the Kinks - when we were younger me and my sister spent a long time making tapes to play in the car when we went on holiday (we both get car sick and so having a tape on whiles away the time). Lola was on just about all of them, with an assortment of other jolly sixties tunes.
  • Sister Josephine by Jake Thackray - another tune from childhood. My parents have a record with this on sung by a group who they were friends with, and I loved it, it is a hilarious song.

I actually found this one rather difficult since a lot of the music I like doesn't have words.

Five things I would do with a LOT of money:

  • Pay off the mortgage! Then buy somewhere big enough to actually hold my stash
  • Be able to not work and still not worry about the money
  • Go to Stitches in the US and attend lots of workshops
  • Set up a fund for university for if / when my sister has children
  • Support knitting designers (I could probably do this by buying even more patterns :-) )

Five places I would love to escape to:

I'm not sure I really feel the need to escape, so I'll write down places I love or would like to go:

  • Brittany - many happy summer holidays as a child spent in and around Locquirec.
  • New Zealand - I have never been, but it looks beautiful and has wool!
  • Germany - Again I have never been but would like to once my german has improved. My sister lived in Heidelberg for a year and loved it. Also think of all that sock yarn.
  • San Francisco - my sister and fiance have just had a holiday in the region and she reckoned I would like it.
  • The Scilly Isles - my parents went there for their honeymoon, I have never been and the flowers look lovely.

Five things I would never wear:

  • Anything pastel or white, I just look ill
  • Anything which involved my stomach hanging over my waistband, not an attractive look especially with my stomach!
  • Stilettos, I would probably just fall over and they look really uncomfortable
  • See-through underwear, I just don't see the point really (OK that is probably more than you wanted to know about me :-) )
  • A bikini - I have yet to find one I actually like and which likes me.

Five favourite TV shows:

  • Jeeves and Wooster
  • History of Britain with Simon Schama
  • Agatha Christie's Poirot - which reminds me I have one which Paul recorded when I was out last week still left for me to watch
  • Location, Location, Location
  • Grand Designs

Five things I enjoy doing:

  • Knitting! - wow, bet you didn't see that coming
  • Reading - although I don't seem to have time for as much of it as I would like
  • Playing music, I play the trombone, piano and recorders, all with more enthusiasm than talent
  • Dancing (Egyptian)
  • Visiting interesting historic things, I love a nice castle

Five favourite toys:

Paul is more of the gadget person in this house really but I shall see what I can do

  • Knitting needles and yarn! Again, what a surprise.
  • This computer, I spend far too much time playing on it.
  • My digital camera, so much fun but I am a long way from an expert.
  • My sewing machine, it isn't a very fancy one and I don't use it very often but it has quite a few fun stitches on it which I really must find a use for ...
  • Books and films.

Five people to do this meme:

I'm not sure I really know anyone who hasn't already done this. I shall tag Mary though because she has just got a blog and so might not have done it. Otherwise if you are reading this and interested then consider yourself tagged!

And now for a complete change of subject ...

Today was the Design for Knitting day at the V & A. A really interesting day, a good variety of speakers and a great opportunity to catch up with people and admire the things they had knitted.

I wore my Shapely Tee and my newest knitted socks! Pictures will hopefully be up soon, as soon as I take them.


  • At 11:47 pm, Blogger Marie said…

    Can't believe you knit your own wedding dress! That is so cool! I really enjoyed reading your answers.


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