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Friday, September 30, 2005

Phone sock

Thank you to all the people to said lovely things about the multi-coloured cotton jumper, in general I am very pleased with it, and it is nice and comfy to wear. I keep meaning to thank people about their comments in general, it is lovely to hear from you all and to get information and suggestions as well as to hear what you think of my latest bit of knitting. The one thing I would like Blogger to improve is the way the comments work, it would be nice if they were a bit more like LiveJournal, with threads and where it made it easier to reply to comments and continue a discussion. I do like the way that Blogger is better for pictures though, and it seems to be suitably idiot proof that I can manage to operate most things, at least on a basic level.

After the rainbow socks I had a bit of Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock yarn left over, and so decided to knit a sock for my mobile. I had been considering doing something similar for a while since the phone is starting to get a bit scratched being thrown in the bottom of my handbag with my keys. So here is the phone in its sock:
And next to its sock:
I am very proud of the beautiful decreases and grafting on the bottom!
And here is the geological boot shot with my hand for scale.
Fun knitting, and being so little it only took a few hours. My sister is quite taken with it and wants one for her phone too, I'll have to get her to select a colour when she is next over. It hardly took any yarn at all.


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