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Thursday, September 08, 2005

New Knitty and an odd kind of day

Odd that is in a good way, just rather bizarre. I had the 6 monthly dentist check-up this morning which all went very well. I am recognised as the one who knits and they always ask what I am working on now and how it is coming along which is rather flattering really. I think this all stems from when we first joined the practice and the other half had a series of fillings done over a period of a few weeks. Sometimes the anesthetic they used made him feel a bit grotty so I would drive him to the appointments and then sit in the waiting room and knit while waiting to drive him back home again. The surreal part of the visit was finding myself trying to explain Projective Geometry to my dentist while making an appointment for my next check-up, and then explaining to the other people in reception why I would be a terrible teacher (its the crowd control thing, I just don't have the personality for it). All this before 10:30 in the morning too.

On my way home I dropped into the post office to pick up the parcel they had tried to deliver while I was taking the other half to work (why is it that parcels always arrive on the day you are out?). It turned out to be my order from Simply Socks Yarn Company. I know you are all probably thinking, after the 64 litres of sock yarn why on earth can she need more sock yarn. What can I say? Its an addiction. They had some lovely things I haven't tried before, and I was quite restrained, I only bought 4 balls / skeins, and one of them was on sale. I got a stripy Regia, a handpaint Opal in shades of green, and two skeins of Fleece Artist merino. They all look lovely and I can't wait to cast on. It is hard to know where to start!

The new Knitty is up! I am very taken with Leaves in Relief, and might have a go at Falling Leaves too, although I might alter the pattern quite a lot on the socks. It is odd really with Knitty, but despite liking the magazine generally this is the first time I have actually found a pattern I am really keen on knitting. I think I have the same kind of thing with Knitty as I do with Colinette. I love the idea of Colinette and I think a wall full of their yarns looks lovely, but when it boils down to it I don't actually like any of the individual colourways enough to actually buy them. Kind of a good concept but I don't like the reality. I think I have had the same thing with Knitty, that I loved the idea, and their techniques articles are always very interesting, but somehow none of the patterns actually inspired me enough to knit it, at least not until now. Now the only problem is finding a suitable worsted weight yarn! I think the only worsted weight I have lying around the house is some skeins of Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece, but being 80% cotton I think it might be a bit heavy for a pattern with so much texture. I have found a couple of sites which stock the Paton's Classic Merino which is recommended and which will post to the UK but I am quite picky about the feel of a yarn and I am slightly wary about ordering enough for a jumper without being able to feel it first.

Anyway, time to go to bed and dream about knitting. Speaking of which I did actually have a dream the other night about organising yarn into plastic boxes, sad life that I lead :-)


  • At 7:32 pm, Blogger Marie said…

    I so enjoyed your post today!! I dream about yarn too, and everytime I tell myself to get a life! But I rather enjoy my quiet knitting addiction! And your comment on Knitty and COlinette was so funny - I understand exactly what you mean! So many nice things to dream about, but somehow I always end up choosing something else!
    The Knitty socks you mention are quite similar to some socks that Steph at www.craftoholic.blogspot.com has knitted. You might want to take a look.


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