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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Oh! the embarrassment

I was checking my Amazon recommendations today (not really to be advised since I don't have space on the bookcase for the books I do have let alone the ones I haven't bought yet), and one of the books recommended was Traditional Scandinavian Knitting by Sheila McGregor. It looked interesting, but slightly familiar, so I dashed downstairs to see if it was already on the bookshelf. After much hunting about I decided it would probably be sensible to actually arrange the books in some kind of order, so I have now grouped together the knitting books, and the machine knitting books, and the knitting reference books and the other crafts books. The knitting books have also been arranged alphabetically since there are rather a lot of them (what a surprise). I discovered that while I did own two books by Sheila McGregor, neither of them was the Scandinavian one. I did however discover that I had not two, but three copies of the Batsford Complete Book of Traditional Knitting ... oops. There was only one other duplication though so I think all in all I have done ok :-) I must remember to take the extras to Knitting Group and see if anyone would like them.


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