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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Finished! Felted knitted bag

I've finally finished my felted knitted bag! I used 4 strands held together of 2ply lambswool from Uppingham Yarns and 8mm needles. The after finishing and sewing together I put it through the wash twice at 40 degrees on a cottons wash with my towels. This is what it looks like:

Felted knitted bag Posted by Hello

And this is it with the fold over flap lifted up so you can see the colour variation better.

Felted knitted bag Posted by Hello

I think when I sewed it up I made the flap over a little long and consequently the bag a little short, but you live and learn :-) I have started another one in purple now, and have plans to make a shaded purple and black one after that. Felted bags are such a great use for all those beautiful buttons you find but can't work out what to do with!

At knitting group on Wednesday we had an open session where people knit on whatever they like rather than a workshop on a particular technique, so I started another hat for Nanny, same pattern as before but in a mauve-y coloured yarn. I just checked my diary and discovered that though I was convinced Nanny's birthday was the middle of June, actually it is the middle of July so I have a bit longer for her hats.

In other news, the other half organised all his wiring and computer bits in the bedroom and you can now actually see the floor - shock horror! He now keeps looking at the pile of my wool in the computer room in the hope that I will organise it soon. I am getting there, some has moved, I am just a rather slow knitter! Not much blogging or knitting requiring brain got done last week as I have a nasty gnat bite on the foot and the antihistamines have a tendency to knock me out rather. I'm back in the land of the living now though, lots of things to catch up with.


  • At 9:13 pm, Blogger icbleu said…

    nice bag! I love the colors on the inside.



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