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Monday, May 16, 2005

This and that

The weather is miserable here today, lots of rain and rather grey, at least the high winds have stopped though.

My parents came to visit at the weekend which was lovely, and we had a nice meander around the shops in Kingston. Mummy and I stroked all the wool in John Lewis but were very restrained and didn't buy any. Mummy brought down her cardigan she is currently knitting and it is looking very good so far. It is a pattern from a Rowan book I think and in a sort of orangey-red colour, the yarn is an alpaca and wool mix, and I think is Jaeger Luxury Tweed - though don't quote me on that. The moss stitch edgings are really nice and have inspired me to do something in moss stitch soon, I just haven't worked out what yet!

Yarn Forward are having a sale at the moment, 20% off if you spend more than £50 on yarn and kits. They have some lovely looking stuff, but I have decided I need to knit up more of what I have first before I buy anything new. All the yarn waiting to be made into things is getting a bit overwhelming, and I really need to streamline it a bit so I can get to everything.

The latest sock is jogging along, I have just turned the heel. I knitted a bit more on the bag to be felted today, 150 rows down, out of about 260 I reckon will make the bag the right size, so going well but still a fair way to go.


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