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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Another stripy hat

The hat obsession continues ... Here is another stripy hat with the colours the inverse of the last one. I was concerned that the last one was a bit big so I doctored the pattern this time around, and only cast on 102 stitches, then worked 5 stripes instead of six.

2nd Stripy Hat Posted by Hello

There is still more yarn left so I am going to have a dig around for some cotton I have lurking in the spare room which I think will be in a colour to go with this.

I've just ordered some gorgeous sounding ex-Debbie Bliss yarns for an absolute song - hopefully they should arrive early next week so piccies will be posted, and much drooling will occur (at least from me).

I seem to be being inspired by loads of things lately, it is one of those odd things that it seems to go in waves. Some months I hardly see anything knitting related I want to buy and others I see loads. I rather like some of the patterns at Vermont Fiber Designs, and I'm still thinking about the Hanne Falkenberg Mermaid, and you can buy blocking wires at Heirloom Knitting. Wow, what a lot of choice, I shall have to think on it some more.


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