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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Cotton jumper progress

The multicoloured cotton jumper is progressing, though rather slowly now. I have just joined into the round and am knitting away on the jade green stripe (it is more green in real life than on this picture).

A little bit bigger Posted by Hello

Its good fun, choosing what colour to put next and what stitch pattern livens up the knitting. It is growing quite slowly now though as the rows are pretty long. I've got quite a while of just knitting along before I need to worry about the underarm or the neck. I'm not quite sure yet due to the angle of the diagonal whether I will have to split for the neck or the underarm first, when it is a bit bigger I shall try it up against myself and see what I reckon.

I'm using my coil-less pins that I bought from Schoolhouse Press a couple of weeks ago as stitch markers and they are proving very useful and convenient, I would really recommend them. It is handy to be able to mark a particular stitch rather than the gap between stitches for the design I am working on, and they don't ping off the needles like other stitch markers do. It is one of the reasons I haven't bought any of the beautiful beaded stitch markers yet, because I am worried I will ping them off and lose them or bend and snap them like I have with the plastic ones.

The latest issues of Interweave Knits and Knitters arrived last week so I am reading through them at the moment. Lots of interesting articles, but nothing I have found yet that I would really like to knit. I've got plenty of things in the would-like-to-be-started pile though so it is possibly a good thing that I haven't found anything else to add to it!

Women's semi-finals at Wimbledon today so a bit of knitting and watching time this afternoon I think. I shall just have to hope that the matches aren't too stressful and so don't ruin my tension!


  • At 10:12 pm, Blogger Marie said…

    Great colours! It's so refreshing to see some really bright colours!

  • At 3:58 am, Blogger Jan said…

    I can't wait to see this one finished! I love the colors & the way the textured stitches add to the design.


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