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Friday, April 15, 2005

Russian join

Since I am knitting the spiral rib socks out of oddments of leftover sock wool I have had to change balls part way through the first sock when I ran out of green, so I thought I would try the Russian join which I had heard about before but never tried. It was so much fun! And I really like the results, it is really not very noticeable (well apart from the drastic change of colour from green to pink!). I think I did get a little carried away and made the overlap rather too long, but it definately wont be coming apart! The upshot is that I am really taken with this way of joining in a new ball, and it would work with any yarn not just wool.

I'm also feeling very pleased with myself. On my way to give blood this afternoon I dropped into our local knitting shop / newsagents to get some more pins, and friday is the day the knitting lady works there so we had a bit of a chat, and she said she liked my poncho sweater which was getting its first outing. So I am very flattered :-)


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