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Thursday, April 14, 2005

A very socky post

Well last night I finished the Regia Stretch socks I seem to have been knitting forever (although it did take me 3 tries to graft the toe!), and today I am wearing them! (see piccie below).

Regia Stretch socks Posted by Hello

I am not totally convinced by the Regia Stretch, because it is so stretchy I found it hard not to pull it too tight when knitting so these have come out rather closer than I normally make socks. Also I found I prefer slightly longer blocks of colour - to me the colour of these looks a bit bitty. I think with the next pair of socks I shall have a few experiments too, I think I shall make the foot about 5 rows longer and I'm still having trouble casting on too tightly, so I shall try casting on 25% more stitches and then decreasing after the cuff.

I had an email from Texere Yarns to say that my order has been delayed as they have had trouble with their suppliers. So in the meantime I have started a spiral rib sock made from oddments of sock wool for a friend's daughter who is 3. I am hoping that the spiral rib will be a good choice as I am not quite sure how big her feet are and as there is no heel in this sock and the rib is very stretchy it will hopefully last a bit longer for fast growing feet.


  • At 10:56 am, Anonymous Emma said…

    I think your new socks look great ! Nice and cheerful for spring.

  • At 8:49 am, Blogger Jan said…

    I love the socks! Let us know how they wear. Also, do you cast on over two needles instead of just one? I started doing that & it works really well.


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